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Cynara cardunculus L.
for the liver for the gastrointestinal tract

ALTILIX™ V is a powder extract obtained from the leaves of a particular cultivar named Cynara cardunculus var. altilis DC, by using aqueous extraction methods, native and widely cultivated in Mediterranean countries.
In pets and large animals the detoxifying action plays an important role in response to external insults consisting of toxins and xenobiotics. ALTILIX™ V has a high concentration of biophenols which play a strong detoxification of the liver, exerting a cholagogue and choleretic effect, diuretic activity, thereby improving digestion and protecting the liver.
Artichoke leaves are used in folk medicine for the detoxification and for the gastro-intestinal well-being. Scientific reports validated its hepatoprotective action and ALTILIX™ V, features all of the most effective properties of artichoke.


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